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Why do some people focus on U-Technique rather than see it as a mode of enquiry and action?


First of all I should apologise as my real intent was to respond to one of your blogs. Not understanding ning has led me to this page (;-)

You questioned why some people seem to see Theory U as a method or technique and limit themselves within the boundaries all techniques have, particularly with respect to context. I think the answer is easy to spot. Many people learn Theory U to have a tool they can sell in the market place.

Few question why many people, including some SoL leaders fall in to this category. The answer is they must in order to survive, to pay the bills.

If we dare to ask 'why' again we get in to Double Loop Learning terrain. For me, it is an invisible or misunderstood 'technological' influence that seeps in to our thinking and tricks us in to believing we are free.

I heard of a 53 year old woman in Spain who committed suicide because the banks were going to reposes her home. Why would she do that? why would the banks do that? answer is, because the rules of the game of life made it inevitable.

So where do those rules of the game of life come from? They are systemic, therefore systems thinking must be held in a cautious light, if we want to model system dynamics and try and spot their origin in such logic.

For me, I think the root is in some humans desire to dominate others. So learning things like Theory U as a tool set people will pay for is part of this same flawed mode of being.

Others can use Theory U with an open heart that values and empathises with fellow humans struggling through life and so see and use it in a very different way to the tools & tricks guys.

I wish I lived near Chicago as I'd love to meet up and discuss things like this,

Take care


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Comment by Yan Song on November 13, 2012 at 11:39pm

Hi Roy


Nice to hear from you!


I don't disagree that the economic incentive is a motive or even primary motive for some or even most people in the field. As for any technology, it's a tool and subject to human errors or even abuse. In my mind, that does not diminish its value as we don't throw away kitchen knife for fear of hurting someone or ourselves. For folks who aspire and are able to become top chefs, we must leverage all tools available to us, even if they are not perfect.


I am at the Pegasus conference this week and met with some cool people. I'll be in touch shortly to set up some sessions to dialogue and have some fun.






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