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I have been taking a program on 'Seven Tastes of Sexing' with Annie Lala and Marc Gafni for the past a few weeks. This blog is a reflection of the 6th session on Unique Sexing on Dec 3

Loneliness is as old as consciousness. Every child must learn how to deal with it after he or she leaves the bosom of their mother’s breasts. The coping mechanisms that we have developed both individually and collectively as a human race dominate the culture and values we create which in turn dictate the social interactions and education of our children. Such cultures and values are by no means perfect but necessary for the human condition. Authentic love must necessarily be anchored in such human conditions but not bounded by limitations of the imperfect coping mechanisms created by previous generations. To me, that is the difference between spirituality and knowledge. Spirit points in the direction of improvements to the human condition while knowledge is the vehicle or tools that we create and utilize in order to move us in that direction, ever half hazardously. The True Self embodies the spirit or belief that there is such a direction and possibility of increasing beauty, truth and goodness. The Unique Selves embody the drive and individual pathways moving in the direction of the spirit or True Self, however partially the latter is perceived at a given place and time in history. Since our knowledge of the True Self (noun, singular) is never perfect, the efforts of our Unique Selves (verb, numeral) are also half hazardous but they must always by intention serve the purpose of discovering and advancing our True Self. It is a romantic but unproductive fantasy to expect that we could discover the True Self once and for all and then live our Unique Selves. Human history proves otherwise. It is through the heroic but half hazardous efforts of our Unique Selves that we humans achieve a clearer vision and understanding of the True Self which in turn enlighten and guide the next stage of efforts by our Unique Selves. That is how the universe evolves, literally through the half hazardous efforts of the human flesh, heart and soul. From a knowledge perspective, the True Self and Unique Selves represent two irreducible dimensions in the growth of our knowledge. The True Self represents our highest vision of reality (noun, singular) at any given point in time; the Unique Selves represent the individual and collective drive to transcend and include the previous vision to a higher level. Glanced through this perspective, humanity has made remarkable progress through the centuries in driving such vision of reality from the narrow shackles of superstition (e.g., recall the panic reactions by our ancestors to natural disasters such as influenza merely a few centuries ago and still being practiced today in many places of the world, e.g., the small villages in remote areas of China where I spent part of childhood) to that of modern medicine, the internet, global economy and the expanding physical universe (e.g., the ‘Big Bang’). There is no question that such progress has not only raised the material standard of living for the majority of people on planet Earth but also relieved to some degree our feelings and fear of loneliness. Some people criticize such progress for its half hazardous nature or side effects (e.g., environmental pollution and climate change) while ignoring the benefits that they are receiving (far better medical care, more travels and leisure time, etc.) That is misguided and dangerous. The Unique Selves take a different perspective and course of actions. They acknowledge and honor the evolutionary progress made to date and also recognize the side effects produced by the half hazardous nature of the human condition. They then turn their attention and energy to enlarge and restructure the incomplete vision of reality and develop the necessary infrastructures to redirect the dysfunctional human energy trapped in current reality and enable the next leapt to an even more beautiful, true and better vision of True Self. That is how we humans outgrow our loneliness and fulfill our body, heart and soul living on planet Earth and in a conscious universe.

The love and sex between two such Unique Selves are qualitatively different from the dynamics of vital, personality, healing or even pleasure sexing. Their fate is joined in the spirit of the True Self while their feet are grounded in the unique conditions or relationships with themselves, other human beings, their families, their communities, the local and global cultures, the economies, the eco-systems, etc. They are capable of but not content with making love merely out of animal instincts (vital sexing) or to feel bigger by making the other small (personality sexing) or merely comforting each other in pain (healing sexing) or to feel the pure joy of being alive (pleasure sexing). Their deepest desire for each other is to make love out of feelings of gratitude and excitement in living and sharing a life of meaning and purpose in an infinite, conscious and evolving universe.

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