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I have beening working on some materials for a forthcoming team building exercise, it just jumps out at me that "sex" and "foreplay" are a really good metaphor to describe the relationship of "doing" vs. "learning" that so many people and organizations or even the entire human race are struggling with. Here is the diagram that I am planning to use:

As human beings, we all know how to "do" stuff such as having sex. But that's not the same as we knew how to do it well in order to maximize the benefits of such "doing" for ourselves and our partners. That requires "learning". "Doing" and "Learning" differ significantly in terms of speeds and methods. Therefore, careful consideration and design of our individual, family, team, organizational and social structures and functions are essential for having more and better sex!

The problem is that there are many speed bumps to "foreplay" and therefore indirectly impair the quality of our sex. Look at the triple-loops of learning. Where did they take place traditionally? Trade-schools, universities and churches. These institutions are struggling if not down right dysfunctional these days under the double weights of technology and globalization. We as a species have failed to make time and room for foreplay and are busting ourselves from exhaustions of cheap sex - producing garbage and polluting our habitat in the name of "progress" and "democracy"!

What can we do about it? What are YOU doing about it? Look forward to hearing from you.

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Comment by Suzanne and Ron Dirsmith on August 30, 2009 at 10:13pm
Yan: Remarkable piece. How and where do we start? Hope to see you next Sunday.
September 6: The Physics of Chaos
Randolph Moffat
Physicists and priests ask the same big questions: Where did we come from, what are we made of, what will happen to us? To answer, priests start with myth, then go deeper to a place that has at its base a belief that we are rooted in "order." Physicists start from what is actually known by observation and measurement, then speculate (based on what is known) that we are moving towards "disorder," "chaos." Can we find joy in a chaotic universe? Where can we look for
happiness in entropy?

Randolph Moffat is almost a lifetime Unitarian Universalist who has traveled most places in the world in support of the Constitution of the United States (he is in the military), with an occasional side trip for pleasure. One of his principle hobbies is a study in Theoretical physics and its meaning to the world around us. Randy, with wife Janice, are members of NSUC.


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