Bring Meaning to Work and Purpose to Spirituality

That is the title of Joel Osteen’s preach on ABC this morning. He used an interesting metaphor of God as the potter molding clay (us) into objects of art all the while we (clay) feel as though life is pretty routine and even grow resentful about being spinned around for no good reason!


I have had numerous conversations with busy professionals who are dissatisfied with their experience at work, complaining about repetitive routines and lack of recognition among other things. As our workplaces become more and more concentrated with technology, this trend will only intensify. While I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Joel Osteen’s message and the virtue of faith, I also think that we need something more than blind faith that God would reward our hard work no matter how we apply ourselves. My own faith is that God lives within each of us and it is us, not some God figure out there, who must act on the message with our own creativity and at least lend a hand in shaping the clay (us) into the objects of art that we eventually become.


How do we know when and where to lend our hands? My experience has been that we need three essentials. First, we must have sufficient passion for learning and practicing the art of life and not give up easily in the face of obstacles which are of course inevitable and substantial; Second, we need to leverage and build on the knowledge and wisdom of previous generations, not start from scratch and only to repeat the same mistakes made by our ancestors for millenniums (we are in truth more primitive than we'd like to admit). Luckily, our generation has access to such a rich reservoir of intellectual wealth that would have been the envy of the most privileged only a few decades ago; Last but not least, we need a community of like minded people to incubate our initially flawed ideas, discover applications to our lives in real time, practice and reshape the clay (us) continuously as we live through our extremely complex and potentially rewarding professional lives that only appear routine (boring) and political (painful) on the surface.

We have developed a free program to help interested professionals to explore such journeys in the comnfort or, more likely, discomfort of their current job (that’s right, there is no need to find a haven of peace if there were any). Curious? Check this out or contact us at

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