Bring Meaning to Work and Purpose to Spirituality

Gerry, Madeline, Doug and I had a wonderful field day this afternoon.
From the moment Gerry walked into the door, our attention was drawn to
the field map based on Otto's work. We started to relate our real-
world experiences in terms of the fields that we live and breath
everyday. As Doug and Madeline joined, the conversation became
lovelier and richer by the minute and everyone felt the energy rising
in our collective presence. It turns out that it's non-trivial to
grasp the concept of the field as Otto described. What are the
qualitative differences between the four fields? When is it
appropriate to be in which field? What are the biggest obstacles of
switching in and out of each field as we must face and deal with the
multitudes of business and personal challenges? As we dialogued
through these questions by using specific examples, the human
condition becomes clearer and clearer: there is nothing wrong to be in
field #1 or downloading. In fact, we solve most of our daily
challenges using downloading. No one could have survived w/o
developing the skills of downloading for all kinds of situations
(imagine that you were one of the people visiting the San Fracisco zoo
at 5 pm on the last Chistmas day ...) It only becomes a problem when
we developed a blindness and culturally re-enforced inertia of living
ONLY in fields #1 and #2. Name the top 3 challenges of any
organization/community that you are part of, the chances are that they
could not be solved from fields #1 or #2 and yet that's exactly what
are happening 99% of the time. Otto describes this phenomena as
playing our intruments out of tune. The key question then becomes what
type of skills are required to tune our instruments in order to do
justice to the music of nature? We started sharing some specific
examples of such techniques and results at work places when the clock
strikes 4:30! So we reluactantly wrapped up by reviewing the
individual action items generated out of this experience so that we
could benefit from and amplify the impacts of our learning right away.

From a theory U perspective, we have definitely moved into the field
#3 and even began to taste the field #4. Our appetites are up - the
champagne and Belgian chocolate truffles didn't hurt either :) It's
only reasonable to expect richer harvests as we plan to experience
more of the up swing of the U on Jan 12.

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