Bring Meaning to Work and Purpose to Spirituality

It just occurred to me that I almost wasted a precious opportunity
last night when I cleaned out my overcoat pocket and threw away the
scrap sheet from our wonderful time together yesterday afternoon. Why
not take a few minutes to capture and frame some of the moments
recorded on the sheet for the benefit of our community, including
myself, as I suggested earlier? So here they are and I look forward to
enjoying yours as well.

During the Bagger Vance movie, I jotted down the following utterances
by the main characters (I can't recall exactly who said which!)

"There is no choice but coming to terms with his demos" - Don't we
all? It reminds me of Tina's experience that her clients kept calling
her back when the "hairy ball" grew too big and/or unruly to keep the
business going (symptoms are poor communications, low trust, delayed
and sub-optimal decisions, turf battles sucking energy away, etc.).
What takes to deal with such demos? Desire, courage and skills. Note
that the U only helps with skill and therefore lowers the thresholds
for desire and courage but cannot totally replace them. Community
helps with creating a safe environment but once again cannot replace
the work of the individuals. One must ask oneself constantly,
especially when the "hairy ball" grew too big inside ourselves, who is
myself? What is my work?

"One true authentic swing" - Have you found yours yet? I submit that
the attraction or even addition of golf for a lot of people has a lot
to do with the fact that it "feels" very much like life itself - you
know it when all the essential pieces come together even though no
word could describe. It's called the "one true authentic swing".
People would go great length to achieve that feeling. Taking heroin
and other addictive drugs is one of them. So policing drug producers,
dealers and consumers alone cannot solve the problem. We've got to
find a way to discover that "one authentic swing" for people,
ourselves included. When that happens, productivity goes through the
roof, love flows like beer at the October Fest (Pfizer might be
disappointed since Viagra sales would definitely go down!), healthcare
costs go down, education becomes fun and wars go away (who needs it
when we are too busy making love?) So, keep up the good work, people!

"It's just a game" - comment made by Water Hagen when he was proposing
a business deal of fixing future golf tournaments. Does that sound
familiar? It's not just Enron though. The only thing unique about
Enron is that it was big and it blew up spectacularly. The same
mentality of making "business deals" goes on in every company,
organization and family everyday. Naming the enemy is important and
necessary but scape-goating Enron is both dangerous and counter-
productive. Unfortunately, the latter is largely what has transpired
since in the public and politician's consciousness. The new
legislations of corporate accountability did preciously little to
address the root causes and disproportionately increase the burdens of
the taxpayers and endanger business innovation.

"The meaning of it all is that there is no meaning" - another comment
made by Water Hagen. The voice of cynicism has far more sinister
consequences than just a sentiment as we saw in the actions of Water
Hagen - fixing tournaments, destroying public trusts and corrupting
the spirit. A society or nation without hope is not only doomed but
also has no natural right to continue its existence in the first
place. Now try to measure the scale of the mistakes made by the
Clintons ...

"Do you see the field? Let it choose us ... Don't think about it, feel
it" - Indeed, what our community has been engaged in and searching for
is the ability, feeling and determination to "see" the field, with the
help of a pair of the U binoculars! We can only "see" it through our
minds' eyes and feel it. There is no logical path between fundamental
breakthroughs and existing body of knowledge as Albert Einstein
pointed out in his famous "Epistemological Credo". The paths
nevertheless exist in nature. When we have finally succeeded in
finding it we feel that we have been chosen - not at all the egoistic
triumph that the second rate thinkers of all ages claimed them to be.
The great insight of theory U is that we don't have to be an Einstein,
a Newton or a Plato to discover and find such paths in our daily and
seemingly ordinary experiences. We can learn to do and enjoy this as
individuals and in community, especially the latter. Of course, this
is only possible if we are strong enough to keep the VOJ, VOC and VOF
in check as many of us pointed out yesterday. So far, we have remained
in and even enjoyed the hunt if not yet scored spectacular prizes yet.
We will.

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