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It's 2:30 a.m. here in London and I am wide-awake ...

It's been an interesting experience of last a few days here. On
Sunday, I visited the underground War Cabinet Room where Churchill and
his staff plotted and directed their heroic campaign against the Nazis
during the WWII. To me, the more interesting aspects are the
developments before the war - how did it ever get to the point where
war became inevitable or even noble? What could have been done to
prevent it? It is telling that Churchill was perceived as a "war
monger" just before the war broke out while the British government was
pursuing the infamous appeasement diplomacy with Hitler. There are
perhaps two essential lessons to be learned here. One is that people
tend to avoid hard questions and choices, preferring the "easier" and
more "comfortable" routes in the short term. It eventually leads to
collective calamities that could only be ratified by drastic measures
with enormous destructions and losses of human lives. The 2nd lesson
has to do what can be done to prevent it? The figure of Churchill
clearly looms very large here in Britain and deservedly so. What made
Churchill to stand up amid the overwhelming mood of fear and despair
in Europe and selfish disinterests from the rest of the world,
including America? Where was the heroism in the rest of humanity at
the critical moments that could have prevented but instead lead to
WWII? Blaming Hitler alone is just too cheap an explanation,
especially in the early days when Hitler rose to power, aided by both
domestic and international interests. I am sure that historians and
political scientists all have plenty to say and have about that.
Personally, I think the theory U probably provides more insights into
the psychology and actions of heroes like Churchill than many PhD
theses do in political science. It is relevant today since I believe
that humanity will need another trip through the bottom of the U to
get over the hump of globalization and sustainable living in our time.

I found a little quote at a corner of the Churchill Museum inside the
bunker: "it's around the family and the home that all the greatest
virtues are created, strengthened and maintained". Perhaps our
community could serve this function for each of us as well. Where else
do we find communities of this kind?

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