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The Path to Empowerment and Trust in Business

If Jim Collins opened the door of leadership in business with the best seller ‘From Good to Great’, Patrick Lecioni shed a strong beam on the discipline with his ‘Five Dysfunctions of a Team’. Its candor exposed layers of ignorance, pretense, cynicism and fear that have been festering and…


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The 'Ostrich Effect'

I heard a story on NPR on my way to work this morning. Some not-for-profit organization was trying to eradicate two common types of sexually transmitted diseases. The biggest obstacle they ran into was that a significant percentage of the population at risk refuses to take the tests to determine if they had the disease, especially for the more serious kind. When asked why, most people replied that they were afraid to learn the potentially bad news that they had the disease. Apparently, some…


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The Long Tail of Love and the Psychology of Happiness

In a previous blog, we explore ‘the geometry of happiness’, the three essential dimensions of reality that must be enacted by a human being or collective in order to be happy: growth, integration and performance. It’s the Pythagorean of happiness. However, one would naturally ask, if it’s that simple and obvious, how come that there is so much misery in the world? The short answer is that not many people recognize the geometry explicitly and even fewer have developed the discipline and…


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The Geometry of Happiness

My dear friend, Gerry Bouey, is fond of saying that we humans make the world with our stones and sticks no matter how sophisticated we think of ourselves. In my own experience, this deep sense of humility is a necessary condition of genuine happiness. On the other hand, humility alone does not generate happiness. We must also apply ourselves whole heartedly and make tangible impacts under whatever life circumstances we find ourselves. Happiness is simply the feedback loop or indicator that…


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Evolution in Action: from Democracy to Holacracy

The ‘Economist’ magazine ran a cover story last week on ‘What’s Gone Wrong with Democracy’? It quoted John Adams, America’s second president, ‘democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.’ Although the article denounced him wrong it did provide plenty of evidence that this is happening right under our nose. One example is California’s system of direct democracy that allowed its citizens to vote for…


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False Choice: People vs. Economy

I love the PBS political analysis by Mark Shield and David Brooks. Today in anticipation of President Obama’s State of Union speech on next Tuesday, they briefly discussed the problem of worsening income inequality in America in recent decades. There their agreement ends. While David believes that global economic and social changes are responsible for driving the opportunity gaps between rich and poor, Mark makes a sweeping statement about the value choices of people versus economy, without…


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Transcending and Including Peace and Life

I just finished watching director Stephen Spielberg’s portrait of Lincoln in his 2012 movie. It centered on President Lincoln’s personal and public travesties of guiding the Congress to pass the 13th amendment to the Constitution that legally abolished slavery in the United States. After four long years of the bloodiest civil war in American history and more than 600,000 lives lost on the battle fields alone, the country was as divided, dreary and depressed as ever. In sharp…


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Outgrowing Loneliness with Love

I have been taking a program on 'Seven Tastes of Sexing' with Annie Lala and Marc Gafni for the past a few weeks. This blog is a reflection of the 6th session on Unique Sexing on Dec 3

Loneliness is as old as consciousness. Every child must learn how to deal with it after he or she leaves the bosom of their mother’s breasts. The coping mechanisms that we have developed both individually and collectively as a human race dominate the culture and values we create which in turn dictate…


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What’s Imagination Got to Do with It?

The 1993 hit movie based on Tina Turner’s autobiography, “what’s love got to do with it”, told a powerful story of human transformation through poverty, opportunity, exploitation, perseverance, violence, fear, power, triumph and, above all, love. While admirers around the world marvel at her talents and guts of authoring one of the most dramatic rags to riches stories of all time, Tina said simply in an interview with Mike Wallace of CBS in 1996 that she has always been an optimistic person…


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Masculine, Feminine and Union - The Holy Trinity

I am participating in a course taught by Marc Gafni of Center for World Spirituality called The Evolution of Love. The week 3 homework assignment is title 'She Comes in Three's'. The assignment assumed certain development patterns of the masculine and feminine attributes in males versus females. I didn't find such correlations with gender in my own life, so here is how I…


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The Evolution of Tears - Mike Dorman

I met Mike at the The Evolution of Love program (see related blogs). I was extremely impressed by his authenticity and faith. Below is a beautiful story Mike wrote in response to the same homework assignment described in my previous blog (The Evolution of Tears), 

The tears of a…


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Applications of Conscious Capitalism

I am participating in a course taught by Marc Gafni of Center for World Spirituality called The Evolution of Love. The week 1 homework assignment is to identify the growth edge in our lives. I identified conscious capitalism as mine. Then I was asked how do I apply in my life. Below was my response.
Simply put, through complexification (is it an English word?) of our experiences or…

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The Evolution of Tears

I am participating in a course taught by Marc Gafni of Center for World Spirituality called The Evolution of Love. The week 2 homework assignment is titled 'Life is the Evolution of Tears'. I don't necessarily agree with the idea that life is all about tears. But our tears certainly have an evolutionary history behind them. Here are some examples of mine: 

(1) …


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Showing Up with Your Spades

In an increasingly complex world in which we live in, it is becoming harder and harder to see the right course of action in many situations. The discovery that Syrian government may have used chemical weapons on its own people is one such scenario. The only question seems to be what’s the least bad option? That’s usually the case when things have deteriorated so badly that damage control becomes the primary concern above peace (already lost) and future development (too fast enough). In…


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In Praise of the Daredevils

While vacationing in Rocky Mountains National Park in June, my family and I witnessed an exhilarating event that took our breaths away: a pair of daredevils skiing down an extremely rocky and steep glacier surface that appears plunging straight into the icy lake at >12000 feet elevation! (see the attached family video:

I shared this experience today at a dialogue on love between a few close friends. We could…


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Geogia O'Keefe and Henry Matisse

I visited the Georgia O'Keefe Museum while in Santa Fe last week. One of her quotes reminded me of our conversations two weeks ago. She said that 'I wish people were trees. I think that I could enjoy them then'. It captures the paradoxical human condition perfectly. On one hand, we are quite conscious of the huge complexities behind our experiences: intelligence, emotions, spirituality and all. On the other hand, in order to comprehend and enjoy it at all, we must greatly simplify it! It…


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Transforming Organizational Silos

It is a very well established and often painful fact of organizational life that we all live in somewhat limited organizational containers, by function, geography, specialization, products, customer segments, etc. People working within these containers are hardly aware of their existence, just repeating more or less the same daily routines to get the job done. Executives or politicians responsible for such containers treat them as their prized trophies or empires and fight ferociously to…


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Downton Abbey, the House of Cards and Human Potential

 Two of the most popular drama series being shown on TV are Downton Abbey (PBS Masterpiece on Sunday nights) and the House of Cards (Netflip, online subscriptions). I have thoroughly enjoyed both. It is very interesting to see how the human drama unfolds that is both similar and dissimilar in the pre-modern and modern eras. Their popularity is by itself a vindication of the shared human experience despite vast differences in time and social settings.


Downton Abbey was the…


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Awareness, Consciousness and Conscience in Business

Dr. Adizes is a rare and hidden gem in the annuals of business management gurus. His weekly blogs are right up there in terms of relevance and insightfulness with the best of HBRs and Mackincy reports.


This week’s Adizes blog is entitled On Awareness,…


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Employee Empowerment – The Transformation of Self and Work

There are many paradoxes at workplaces today. For example, employees complain about the busy schedules and pressures they feel imposed on them by management. When prompted to investigate and try new ways to better organize their work and eliminate non-value added activities, most respond that they are too busy with existing workload to entertain any alternatives. In reality, large chunk of time was spent by all employees on complaining and ‘co-miserating’ with each other. If only a fraction…


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