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July 2012 Blog Posts (4)

A Matter of Trust and Purpose

In his management master piece, ‘The Five Dysfunctions of a Team’, Patrick Lencioni provides a vivid description of the organizational dynamics, culminating in the well known pyramid model of team performance. According to this model, everything starts with trust: only with mutual trust could a team of specialized knowledge experts engage in substantive and constructive conflicts of different ideas; only after such honest and thorough debates and conflicts could the team be expected to…


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A Masterful Stroke Earns America a Second Chance

The supreme-court decision this week to uphold individual mandate of healthcare and limit federal power to expand Medicaid is a masterful stroke of historical proportions. It’s a masterful stroke because

(1)   It did not cave in to either political extreme – striking it down without an alternative by the conservatives or expanding entitlement out of control by the liberals

(2)   It did not ‘seek a non-existent middle ground, blend black and white to make gray’ as this week’s…


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What Can We Learn from Chief Justice Roberts?

Real business is messy, full of conflicting interests and powerful adversaries. We saw such dynamics playing out on the national stage over the healthcare issue. If we are honest with ourselves and take the time to reflect on what’s going on inside our own organizations, the same social dynamics dominate our decisions, relationships and, eventually, competiveness. I often hear people complain about the lack of leadership or empowerment from their bosses but rarely reflect on themselves. In…


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Visions of Arcadia – Past and Present

That’s the name of the current art exhibition at Philadelphia Museum of Arts. From the earliest days of human civilization, people have searched for ways of achieving harmony with nature, in the face of seemingly irreconcilable contradictions of life: birth and death, love and hatred, peace and violence, etc. No wonder, such possibility has been a central scene of artists through the ages. What’s interesting is how different ages articulate and paint such ideals differently: some were under…


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