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The Meaning and Connections of Self and Work

Gerry (executive coach), Doug (community activist), Aaron (college student) and myself (organizational change agent) had a great time together on last Saturday, sharing our experiences, musings and reflections of discovering, transforming and living our Self and Work in day-to-day settings. Here are some segments of our stories on tape. I hope that they would stir up and feed into the imaginations and passions of your own lives and contribute to the collective future that wants to emerge in all of us and nature:

Cycle of Searching and Life's Journey

The Dance of Order and Chaos

Diversity 1 - Love beyond Machine

Diversity 2 - Power and Love

Diversity 3 - The Trap of Entitlement

Diversity 4 - Cultural Blindness

Diversity 5 - From Control to Learning

Authentic Leadership 1 - Holding Space

Authentic Leadership 2 - Discovering Self and Work

Authentic Leadership 3 - Overcoming Existential Barrier

Authentic Leadership 4 - Field 4 Frame of Reference

'Buda' Gerry

'Coach' Gerry

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Yan, Gerry, Doug and Aaron,

You guys had a great conversation and I learned a number of things as I listened to it.
The diversity you explore is something I struggle against. In my work this is usually a product of fragmented understanding and conflicting priorities which causes different people to do different things. At times it does feel like chaos and I agree that if we can unify them in the context of learning as an organisation that we might just get away from the machine analogues so regularly used to 'tell' us how things should be done in corporations.

After listening to the recordings I went back to each one and moving the dial to where I thought I might get to hear a gem again I could not help but notice how often I found you all laughing together. As an action researcher myself I can't but help to think this is not coincidental but actually a characteristic of a type of quality in a conversation. How often to boardrooms laugh together I wonder?

Thanks for sharing your conversation and I hope to one day be on the same call

Best wishes

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