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As seems to always be the case, our conversation was intense, captivating, authentic and instructional. What I noticed most, was the emergence and clarity of the “Self” and “Work”. I completely “got” how, using Theory U as a construct, moving from field 3 and 4 allows me to be much more conscious of my authentic “Self” and my real “Work.” Our dialog help me see opportunities where I was not authentic (field 1-2) in working with clients, which inturn prevented me from helping faciliate a possible breakthrough. To help cement my understanding even more, I will begin noticing and journaling my daily field 3 and 4 experiences to learn more about what trigger’s them in a practical sense. I hope to provide my results at our next exchange.

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Thanks, Gerry. It takes tremendous courage and integrity to recognize such experiences in ourselves and interactions with others. It takes even more courage, integrity and skill to be able to grow our Self and Work. I, too, am working on a few projects both at work and home to achieve such growth. Look forward to sharing our stories next month.
What is Theory U?
J - check out this excerpt in response to your question.

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