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Toni and I met at the Presencing Institute Community web site. We share a passion for understanding and practicing self-organization in human systems. One thing led to another and we ended up having a 1.5 hour long dialogue over the phone on April 24, 2009. Below are clips of our conversation on various topics, all centered around the source and presencing. There are a total of 8 clips organized by the time sequence of our conversation plus some subtle framing (choice of clips and titles, etc.) by me. Because of technical limitations of our web technology, I have to add the last 5 clips as replies to the main discussion thread. Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion. We intend to continue this dialogue and welcome others to join if/when you so choose. We hope that you would find the contents of our first dialogue useful for you to make such choices in the context of your interests and priorities at this juncture of your journey. Please email or call if you'd like to join our next dialogue on April 30.

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What We Do

Our Intention
Our Process
Our Method
Feedback (First Timers)
Feedback (Regulars)

Discover Our Community
Paul's Frustrations and Hopes
Wake-Up Call (Members Only)
There's Got To Be a Better Way!

The Initial Clue
A Better Way: Improving Real Productivity
A Better Way: Improving Quality of Life
Challenges and Solutions for the Technocrats
Kelly's Five Most Significant Life Stones

Gerry's Five Most Significant Life Stones
Tina's Five Most Significant Life Stones
Yan's Five Most Significant Life Stones
Paul's Five Most Significant Life Stones
Aha Moments
The Experience of Opening Up
Bridging The Intellectual and Emotional Divide
Open Mind - Overcoming the Voice of Judgment
Open Heart - Overcoming the Voice of Cynicism
Open Will - Overcoming the Voice of Fear
Let Go and Let Come
Love, Family and Relationships Part I
Love, Family and Relationships Part II
Love, Family and Relationships Part III
Earth Quakes, Civilization and Progress
The Two Sides of Corporate Responsibility
The Limits of Democracy
On the Right Side of History and Happy Side of Marriage
Learning to Move with the Universe Part I
Learning to Move with the Universe Part II

Transform Your Competance
Play Alone Play Smart
Overcoming the Loneliness of Being
Love, Peace and Intention Part I

Love, Peace and Intension Part II

The Arrow of Heart
Transformation In Context

Masterful Act, New Complexity and Transformation
Small what, small how and Big What, Big How
The Process of Transformation
Go with the Artist
Freedom, Connections and The Creative Tension
How and Why to Write a Case

The Art of Writing a Case
Creating Your Own Master Piece
Master Pieces Are Not Created Overnight
Feedback, Flow and the Quality of Life
Is Nature Becoming More Complex?
Motivation Is the Question
Why Is Nature Inspiring?
Creative Destruction
Creativity and The Architecture of Reality
Growing the Seeds of Intention
Harnessing the Power of Intention

Master Your Practice or Impact Skills
What Do We Mean by Mastery?

Cog on a Wheel
Mining Deeper Energy at Work
Optimizing Organizational Energy
Improving R&D Productivity

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