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Hi all, Yan did an awesome job at a first pass at an agenda for our conference. I will be sending, before our next gathering (Nov 22nd) a revised design for all to review in preparation for our Nov 22nd dialogue.

In the meantime, I invite all of you give some real thought as to the intention, purpose and objective of the conference and post your thoughts in response to this post.

Here are some questions to think about:

Why do this?
What intentions do we have?
If we didn't do this, what would the world lose?
Why do you, personally, want to participate in this?
What is the core purpose for doing this conference?
What do we hope to attract by doing this?

Thanks all! I'm off to Sundance for the rest of the week (woo hoo!) to be with a client and do some creative writing, reading and reflection.

See you soon and be well,

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Hi Tina

Thanks for your leadership on this. My responses to many of your questions overlap each other but I'll give a try:

Why do this?
The theme of last year's Pegasus and Sol Conferences are to "Amplify the Impacts of Our Relationships". It made me aware that just minding and enjoying my own garden isn't enough. That was the impetus for me to take the action last November and here we are, at least 7~8 times stronger and why not make it 80 times stronger this time next year?

What intentions do we have?
Make a difference in what often seems an indifferent world. I met many professionals at the Pegasus and Sol conferences last year who said that they feel when lonely doing this line of work - pioneering new paths and trying to wake up the world to new opportunities and risks. I spent many years in the ivy league in 4 countries (China, UK, Germany and US). But never before have I seen such an impressive assembly of great talents and spirits (>9000 strong). It pains me to know that these true makers of hope and shakers of the world suffer loneliness just as the essentric intellectuals do who I used to rubber shoulders with. Can we make a difference to the quality of life for this critical sector of humanity? I believe that we can and our experience of the past year has greatly increased my confidence. Let's take another step, now.

If we didn't do this, what would the world lose?
I have enough humility to realize that the universe won't suffer terribly without us. On the other hand, why let any opportunity of making a positive impact go waste? If not us, who? I have seen enough talk by very smart people or even some gurus. But I've come to realize that actionless minds are the twin sicklings of mindless actions. There is no cure for one without addressing the other. So let's at least give it a try.

Why do you, personally, want to participate in this?
While the world wouldn't lose much without us, we have a whole lot to lose ourselves without the world! I really see this as an opportunity to make new friends and connections with the universe. What our lives would become without such connections? Remember what Margret Mead said? "Never doubt a small group of thoughtful and committed people can change the world. Indeed that's the only thing that ever did." I absolutely believe in that and in us.

What is the core purpose for doing this conference?
Offer participants a solid experience of authenticity and hope as well as a potential path to continue the journey in the real world of business and competition. We are living in a very uncertain time. Fear and cynicism far outstrip love and hope anywhere you go. If we are going to make a real difference, we've got to offer something more substantial than an enlightened dialogue or training experience. We want to go all the way - get people fired up and build the supply stores to sustain their fire. That is what One Authentic Swing all about.

What do we hope to attract by doing this?
People just like you and me - educated, in touch with the real world and committed to make a difference despite the challenges. No self-pity. No finger pointing. Just to discover, transform and master the game of business and life

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