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HI all, I must apologize in advance for the "meeting note" tone of this post. I just typed out a much more heart felt version that didn't save, and, after breathing deep, I'm typing the notes so you have them. So sorry, once I do the authentic outpouring, I can't repeat it. :)

I have posted on the calendar the next suggested meeting time/place - pls rsvp and if anyone would like to bring a case, let us know. We debated on timing so we could optimize the day so I suggested 10-2 - let me know how that timing sits with everyone.

We spent time listening to various audios on the site including Our intention, Our process, Our Method and The Art of Writing a Case and it won't surprise anyone that in that process, we individually became more reflective on our own processes and mastery. We also talked about the logistics of the site and are so grateful for the amazing amount of work that Yan has put into the site along with the support of Paul's set up and technical research. Thanks so both of you!

We ask each of you to:

review the site - and make sure that you're OK with all the audios being posted on the site. We can edit anything out, like client names, etc.

Explore the contents of the website and see what you think.

Yan is also exploring the thought of creating a conference in December - and any thoughts/feedback on that are certainly appreciated.

For those that were present, please feel free to add anything I missed!

Be well,

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