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A Conversation That Matters

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A Conversation That Matters

Time: March 9, 2009 at 6pm
Location: AP6D-1-B_CTR
Phone: 847-875-6816
Event Type: dialogue
Organized By: Steve Page and Yan Song
Latest Activity: Mar 7, 2009

Event Description

Dear Colleagues

What matters the most to you at work these days? Consider the following quote from Peter Senge, author of the well known management book, The Fifth Discipline:

"The dysfunctions of the traditional management system keep many organizations in perpetual fire-fighting mode, with little time or energy for innovation. This frenzy and chaos also undermines the building of values-based management cultures and opens the door for opportunistic grabs at individual power and wealth."

Does it ring a bell in you? Are you curious about what other colleagues at Abbott think and feel?

Also consider the following quote from Flow – The Psychology of Optimal Experience, by the University of Chicago psychology professor, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi:

"The way to grow while enjoying life is to create a higher form of order out of the entropy that is an inevitable condition of living"

Well, we are certainly experiencing a lot of entropy these days at Abbott as well as everywhere else at this time of political and economic crises. What higher forms of order are you creating while keeping your heads above water these days? How can we do more of the former and minimize the number of fires that seem all consuming of our everyday attention and energy? Check these out on YouTube:

The Chaordic Journey
Chaordic Stepping Stones

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